Episode 119

Published on:

6th Mar 2020

Nerdlife Crisis #119

The Nerd Life Crisis Podcast....Chris Thayer, Steve Hale, and Ron Milts talk about the things they love to talk about. The boys talk about everything from 'Pop to poop' discussing what's hot in Nerd Culture and of course being a father pushing 40. With infrequent guest hosts Mike Eastman and Mike Jones. On this week's episode the boys discuss...

C2E2 Aftermath...

The Show gets a new toy...

Steve is under Quarantine...

The Announcement of The Nerd Life Crisis Network!

We watched Locke & Key Episode 1...What did we think?

Worst Sequels ever!

Chris Rants about Music!

And So Much More

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Nerdlife Crisis
Getting Old is just the beginning....
Steve Hale, Chris Thayer, and Ron Milts talk about what it means to be a Nerd approaching 40. From 'Pop to poop' the boys talk about Music, Movies, News, and all the dumb things their kids have done in a given weak.

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